Criminal Case Mod Apk V2.39

Criminal Case Mod Apk V2.39 (Unlimited Money, Mod Menu) Download Free Latest Version is the top downloaded hidden object game in which you have to solve the world’s hard murder cases with captivating adventure and a lot of thrill.

App Name Criminal Case
Publisher OceanofMod
Genre Casual
Size 66 MB
Version 2.39
Update {a few hours ago}
Price FREE
Available In Download Section
Mod Info Unlimited Money, Mod Menu
Offered By Pretty Simple


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  • Criminal Case Mod Apk V2.39 (Unlimited Money, Mod Menu) Download Free Latest Version

Why so amazing is Criminal Case Mod Apk?

Criminal Case Mod Apk Download will help you improve the skills of your analysts and make you an expert in hunting. There are many crime scenes in the game that affect many dead people and leave you with a large number of witnesses and suspects. You need to pay attention to similar things to get the executioner on the spot as soon as possible. Offering our mode gives you unlimited stars, each one of them, every level opened, no time, no promotions, free purchases, and much more free. So download it now.



Here are some Features of the Criminal Case Mod Apk?


Criminal Case Mod Apk Unlimited Everything The players are hoping to get rid of the massacre and start tracking down key figures. The issue has been overly independent, and experts are losing patience. The player is a gifted policeman, and the wreckage is not set in stone to find the truth. It will be uncertainly challenging on the grounds that the truth has been covered for so long, and the evidence is not at all contradictory to the former.



Criminal Case Mod Apk Latest Version Youโ€™ve got an infiltrator who has been on the run for a long time, and you have enough evidence to charge the case. The player will also be rewarded for additional assistance in the event that the executioner insults. The player will similarly pardon the person in jail and the killer will bear all halal responsibilities. The matter is now formally over, and you deserve everyoneโ€™s praise.



Download Criminal Case Mod Apk Find all the clues and evidence on the wrong site. You can use them in your lab to test them and find comprehensible DNA tests, such as hand-shaped impressions, flexible dicks, hair dryers, postcards, weapons, bowling balls, hearts, wheels, and more. Can get

Also, add things you think can be useful for liking light, guitar, and t-shirts; this is just the beginning. In fact, take a look at the CCTV cameras and, surprisingly, the deaths have only recently ended, and with it the ill will.



Criminal Case: Save the World MOD Apk will be given a full range of suspects and witnesses who have something to do with the massacre. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Get stuck with your inquiries about what happened during that time and where they were.

Use their evidence and the pieces of information you have tracked on the site. Long ago, your round down would begin to be limited, and you would come closer to the executioner. Also, when the opportunity arises, take action.



Criminal Case Mod Apk Unlimited Money & Cash & Stars & Hint The final step is to put the affidavits and claims together and find the culprit party. This is more difficult than expected but you are a criminal investigator. You should definitely look like the bully was really introduced immediately!



Criminal Case Mod Apk Unlimited Stars However, you will also meet people who share your point of view, and they will help you locate witnesses in the same way. In addition, a video of the crime scene is provided, and you will detect irregularities in the game. Players will actually want to use auxiliary machines and existing gadgets to recover fingerprints. Similarly, the players will also get essential data from the investigators investigating the case.


You will play Criminal Case Mod Menu Apk with your peers which shows that you can basically work in any bullying case and work with your peers to determine the case. You will have the option to collaborate with your peers to become the best investigator within the game and among your peers.


The examples of the Criminal Case Mod Apk (Free Shopping) Region unit are incomprehensible and brilliant, and the 3D realistic component is enough for analysts to be obsessed with this game. The visual reflection and effects area unit aims to make the game completely enjoyable.


In the standard adaptation of the law breaker case, you have limited assets such as clues, energy, and coins. To make money you need to fight hard and your game will be hung tight for some time to exhaust the energy, and when you use a hint, you use it again. In order to fill the hint bar will need to hang briefly firmly.

This will make your overall progress in the game as you need to sit tight for some time to use the assets. Still, weโ€™ve dealt with your concerns. We tried to present you this criminal case mode apk with unlimited cash and money and stars and signs.

You will find unlimited coins in this mode apk. You can add them to the lab for quick research of evidence to deal with this issue. Plus, youโ€™ll be getting unlimited energy. You can use energy to start a case. At least 20 energy focus issues are expected to begin.

In addition, you will be given unlimited hints. You can use them to find clues and help you deal with them. Thus, assuming that you need these things free of cost, download the Crook Case Mode app from our site.


Is this game a lightweight weight in size?

No! The Criminal Case Mode Apk game is definitely not a light game.

Is Criminal Case Mod Apk safe to download?

No doubt! Criminal Case Mode is completely safe and clean from all the reassuring threats and election issues of the AP and has no infections such as bugs, spyware, malware, and Trojans.

How to Download this Game?

You can download it from the Download Section.


Criminal Case Mega Mod Apk is tested and tested in a simple and easy way to run or move because we analyze every piece of authentication, give notice to the reviewers and you may have to investigate the key executioner. Lucky enough This dim and criminal city needs experts like you. Throughout the test, you will rely on constant gestures, which will help you feel everything faster. Become the least difficult analyst and make up for every death that occurs in this town. The link is below.

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