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Comics Bob V1.2.4 Download Free Latest Version

Comics Bob By Oceanofmod (1)

[su_quote]Comics Bob V1.2.4 Download Free Latest Version lets you solve the unbeaten puzzles in a very interesting and full of a fun game. You wilo surely enjoy the best ever liked theme and gameplay of this game.[/su_quote]

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App Name Comics Bob
Publisher OceanofMod
Genre Puzzle
Size 158 MB
Version 1.2.4
Update {a few hours ago}
Price FREE
Available In Download Section
Offered By SayGames Ltd

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Why so amazing is Comics Bob?

Comics Bob Game Girl is a drug puzzle game that can be in line with both the best and most interesting adults and children. Find a way out of any situation and save your beloved. Solve difficult tasks and clearly try your hand in funny places. There are many levels in this game that challenge the playerโ€™s intelligence.


Here are some Features of Comics Bob.

Make Your Selection

In Comics Bob Game Download, not everything is as easy as it seems. But the fact is that you will have 2 choices each time. You will see that one of the items is a prehistoric item while the other is an innovative item. You just need to choose one of the things that will help you survive. But the answers will not always be so clear! There are times when you need to think out of the box to survive.

Challenging Conditions

Throughout Comics Bob Game Download Apk, you will be living as a chapter and you will face different situations. First, you will have to face a hungry animal you want to eat. Then, you will have to get out of the rain, face crocodiles and a lot! There is even a situation where you will find the beautiful love of your life that is a girl. You will play as a beautiful girl and find out how to use the telephone, get out of the cave, and much more!

Comics Bob By Oceanofmod (1)

Life then back

Comics Bob Game Download Pc If you can see what life was like at that time, you wouldnโ€™t want to stay in it. The reason for this is that people lived in stone houses, had skin for their shirts, and they tried to survive every day. They often live in dangerous beasts and conditions because they live in the jungle. But if you want to experience all of them, try to play comics bob. This game tests your decision-making skills to avoid difficult situations.

In this puzzle game of Say games, you have the opportunity to live a chapter because he solves different puzzles in which he needs to survive. For example, you may face a situation where you need to suffer a deer. You will have two things to choose from, one of which is a rock and a rope. The choice of the right will allow you to eat but the wrong deer will not give anything. You saw this is a difficult world here but you need to survive!

Comics Bob By Oceanofmod (2)

Meet Your Girl and a Lot of Animals

In Comics Bob Game Free Download, you will play as the first chapter who is a cave and then you a beautiful of your life Will meet the girlโ€™s love. Once, you will face a series of challenges that you will have to add to the permanent risks!

Comics Bob By Oceanofmod (3)

Live as a Caveman.

Do you want your life easier now? Well, think again because before we had a difficult life because there were not many modern products at that time. Today, we live in a very comfortable world because we have things like cars, heaters, computers, and even cell phones. But if you want to go back to the past and then experience life, try to play the Comics Bob! It is a puzzle game that is set up in prehistoric times, which includes the caveman Bab and his Beautiful girl.

In Comics Bob Game Online Free, you will be living in an era where the world is not as if you still know. This means that you will have to face harsh and dangerous conditions daily, for which you have to decide 2 things. For example, if you will find a hungry animal that is attacking you, you can choose wood or spray to protect yourself. Then, there is also a situation where you will need to cook a meeting and there is a blonde and a lighter you can choose from.


This game will remind you of cartoon graphics that you are accustomed to seeing in childhood! Playing is a pleasant game. You will love the graphics of this game. The gameโ€™s graphics are interesting and surprising.

Is Comics Bob Free?

Yes, this is free you can play it easily.

How to download this game?

You are welcome to move on to the Download Section of the game for one-click downloading.

What is the current version of this game?

The current version of this game is 1.2.4.


One of the most popular puzzle games for Android devices. It has some really interesting features that are really easy to use and you will really enjoy them. This is a fun free game and definitely worth keeping on your phone. With a simple but very attractive game, the player cannot take his eyes off. te game link is below.

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